Monday, 19 March 2012


Its hard out here.. Life you never know what comes next. It will always end with trouble to me :( I never meant it, I wasn't thinking straight ! Yes , I'm stupid I KNOW! I know that I dont deserve happiness in life like others do... 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

last Night

Okay last night, i admit it was fun. And the last night that I'll be sleeping late cuz today I'll be in school -_____-

I video chat with some friends :) I admit that I miss them alot and seeing their face was almost like a dream came true. I miss seeing them. But tonight I'll be seeing THEM -,-. I'm not mad just happy and frustrated at the same time :) Well hell yeah I just packed my bags and clothes. Now I just need to pack in some FOOD *_* mwehhehehehe. I just cant live without food .. who does? 


There are reasons to everything :)

Tomorrow :(

Im scared.. I'm going back to my school tomorrow. I just have this feeling where I think somethings gonna happen tomorrow. Which really gives me goosebumps now.
I really think that I deserve something good in life. But I know, there is always sadness and happiness. I should be grateful to god for  what I have. :') Now all I could think is school, results, teachers and what chapter comes next.
I feel like theres a tornado hitting me now. I feel horrible and awful :( I need someone to rely on. But sadly, I dont think I have someone who I can trust, be with, care and to be loved. Life sometimes is never fair. And there is always competition. But I know every competition just makes me stronger and stronger each day. And I'm gonna smile whether it hurts or not.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


  I feel so useless right now :( I'm trying my best to be who i am :( No one or NOBODY understands the feeling of being hated! NOONE!! Expressing your feelings through a blog is not wrong! It makes other people who comes to your blog to read and feel what you really feel.

I feel so sad right now. I KNOW IM USELESS. I CANT BE PERFECT LIKE ANYBODY ELSE IN THIS WORLD! I'm not clever like you think I am. I'm not pretty , or smart or cool or even special !! I'm just nobody. :'( And I know the pain of being perfect, it's just too painful :(