Saturday, 28 January 2012


ONE DIRECTION IS LIKE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! up there you can see my beloved Harry Styles <3 ! And down below him you can see all of the members of One Direction!! Guys, youre PERFECT TO MY EYES, Harry YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MINE!

Someone to rely on..

Okay peeps.. you know that having a friend is something that we all WANT TO HAVE right? well having a TRUE FRIEND is what I WANT.  sheeesh, friends friends friends.. we all have friends.. but do you have a TRUE FRIEND? No, or YEs? well If  you do have one..youre an awesome pal ;) trust me.. its not easy to have a true friend ;)

BTW, dont ask me why but 20th Of January is my fav..  :D *dpt adik angkat la katakan...

Friday, 27 January 2012


Oh, sheesh.. My mom told me that my dad said that I must get good grades for the first trial examination. If I do not pass I am SOOO dead... trust me. no PHONE, no INTERNET, no LAPTOP aand you can imagine what happens next. :'( huhu.. why life must be so hard to understand???

Long time

Sorry, I think its been a really long time since I have updated my bloggie ^_^ hihi :D Well 2 days to go back to my school, oh god. I hope everything will be okay back there :)