Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Renaissance :D

This is my school Band, The Renaissance!! This is the video of SM Sains Selangor playing the Hounds Of Spring during the Festival Wind Orchestra 2012. A competition between all SBP schools. Well, ofcourse I'm playing too XD I play the clarinet. :) Well in this video you cant SEE ME, but just enjoy the song and hope you like it :DD

Ps: The Renaissance GOT INTO FINALE BABY!!! woot!woot!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Today, words cant even describe the happiness of being in the final round of the competition!! We all were like, speechless. When our school were announced to be in the Finale we all jummmped out of our chairs and screamed till the top of our lungs XD *jk

This may be my first year in the competition and I know theres still a long way to go. I know that THE RENAISSANCE
can DO IT! All I know is that the TROPHY IS IN OUR HANDS! :D

Monday, 19 March 2012


Its hard out here.. Life you never know what comes next. It will always end with trouble to me :( I never meant it, I wasn't thinking straight ! Yes , I'm stupid I KNOW! I know that I dont deserve happiness in life like others do... 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

last Night

Okay last night, i admit it was fun. And the last night that I'll be sleeping late cuz today I'll be in school -_____-

I video chat with some friends :) I admit that I miss them alot and seeing their face was almost like a dream came true. I miss seeing them. But tonight I'll be seeing THEM -,-. I'm not mad just happy and frustrated at the same time :) Well hell yeah I just packed my bags and clothes. Now I just need to pack in some FOOD *_* mwehhehehehe. I just cant live without food .. who does? 


There are reasons to everything :)

Tomorrow :(

Im scared.. I'm going back to my school tomorrow. I just have this feeling where I think somethings gonna happen tomorrow. Which really gives me goosebumps now.
I really think that I deserve something good in life. But I know, there is always sadness and happiness. I should be grateful to god for  what I have. :') Now all I could think is school, results, teachers and what chapter comes next.
I feel like theres a tornado hitting me now. I feel horrible and awful :( I need someone to rely on. But sadly, I dont think I have someone who I can trust, be with, care and to be loved. Life sometimes is never fair. And there is always competition. But I know every competition just makes me stronger and stronger each day. And I'm gonna smile whether it hurts or not.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


  I feel so useless right now :( I'm trying my best to be who i am :( No one or NOBODY understands the feeling of being hated! NOONE!! Expressing your feelings through a blog is not wrong! It makes other people who comes to your blog to read and feel what you really feel.

I feel so sad right now. I KNOW IM USELESS. I CANT BE PERFECT LIKE ANYBODY ELSE IN THIS WORLD! I'm not clever like you think I am. I'm not pretty , or smart or cool or even special !! I'm just nobody. :'( And I know the pain of being perfect, it's just too painful :(


Saturday, 18 February 2012



Friday, 17 February 2012


We are not perfect okay? We all have our own weakness and specialty and we tend to make it better and change to being a better person. Never ever be someone who youre not , cuz it will never work out the way you want it to. ;)

:) Be yourself ;)

Level : Asians

She meant the PHONE NUMBER, not the brand -,-



Hey guys! I'm back from school now, for like three days ONLY -,-. Well nevermind. mwehehe Got nothing much to say but youve gotto look at this photo and tell your other friends about it! SHARE IT IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Baby you light up my world like nobody else~

                                    Dont tell me that you cant even read it XD mwhehehehe

Back to where I DONT belong

I'm going back to school this afternoon and I'm using all the TIME i can use to online and update you Mr.Bloggie :) I bet everyone is talking about schools during the holidays. -,- There is something  about schools that I LIKE and DONT LIKE. Just like a normal life theres always the "Do's" and the "Donts". Haha just ignore my english. I'm not that good :3 BTW, I made cupcakes mwhehehehe :) Wantsome? come and get it!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


This is a picture of me and my dearest TUTTI! <3 Youre amazin' girl ;) I wish you for the best in the future.. and remember to always play your instrument right ;) YOURE AWESOME, and also an AWESOME friend to have! yOure always understanding.. but sometimes you annoy me mwehehe but i dont care :) You'll always be my TUTTI <3

Pahlawan!! :DD

                                This is my housematesss.. Pahlawan is in the house baby!! :)


I'm just afraid... too afraid.. I'm afraid of losing my best buddy's back here at home. I know that everyone is schooling in different schools now... :( well its okay. I guess I 'll just need to accpet it.. cuz its been two years like this ..

                       BTW, This is a picture of my beloved BAND family ^_^ This is just a picture of my band family 1115 ;) I love them all!!! One sound One Band!

Friday, 3 February 2012

My teachers :)

Scooby-Doo - taught me to never be afraid of screwing up
Tom and Jerry - taught me friendship.
Courage the cowardly dog - taught me to over come my fears.
G.I.Joe - taught me team work.
Alladin - taught me nothing is impossible
Mickey Mouse - taught me to be good person.
Chip n dale - taught me no matter how small you can still rock on...
Richie rich - taught me to never feel proud.
Dexter - taught me that science was fun.

They were cartoons to all but for me
they were my teachers.. !!

back people... I AM BACK!

Mwhehehe, I just got back from my school, phew. So damn exhausted right now. I just feel so scared and afraid right now. Dont know what to say and what to do :( I feel bad about it now... btw I AM BAAAAAAAAAACK :)

Saturday, 28 January 2012


ONE DIRECTION IS LIKE THE HOTTEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET! up there you can see my beloved Harry Styles <3 ! And down below him you can see all of the members of One Direction!! Guys, youre PERFECT TO MY EYES, Harry YOU'LL ALWAYS BE MINE!

Someone to rely on..

Okay peeps.. you know that having a friend is something that we all WANT TO HAVE right? well having a TRUE FRIEND is what I WANT.  sheeesh, friends friends friends.. we all have friends.. but do you have a TRUE FRIEND? No, or YEs? well If  you do have one..youre an awesome pal ;) trust me.. its not easy to have a true friend ;)

BTW, dont ask me why but 20th Of January is my fav..  :D *dpt adik angkat la katakan...

Friday, 27 January 2012


Oh, sheesh.. My mom told me that my dad said that I must get good grades for the first trial examination. If I do not pass I am SOOO dead... trust me. no PHONE, no INTERNET, no LAPTOP aand you can imagine what happens next. :'( huhu.. why life must be so hard to understand???

Long time

Sorry, I think its been a really long time since I have updated my bloggie ^_^ hihi :D Well 2 days to go back to my school, oh god. I hope everything will be okay back there :)